Lattafa Maahir Gold Eau de Parfum - 100ml

Lattafa Maahir Gold Eau de Parfum - 100ml

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Embark on a sensory journey with Maahir "Gold" by Lattafa Perfumes, an exceptional perfume designed for those who are not afraid to shine with their own light. This 100ml perfume is an olfactory canvas where the most vibrant and delicious notes are painted, sculpting an aroma as luminous and captivating as gold.

Right from the start, Maahir Lattafa seduces you with its top notes that dance in a fruity trinity: juicy red berries, sweet peach and the citrus sparkle of bergamot. A refreshing and tempting welcome that invites you to delve into its mysteries.

At the heart of this perfume, you will find a floral trio of jasmine, peony and red lily, merging into a symphony that evokes romance and passion. It is a delicate and charming bouquet, capable of enchanting the most demanding of senses.

And just when you think the magic is over, the base notes unfurl with a warm, long-lasting embrace of sandalwood, vanilla blossom and musk. This foundation creates a sensation of luxury and sensuality, leaving a lasting and fascinating trail.

Maahir Lattafa is more than a perfume, it is a statement of individuality and elegance, perfect for those who seek not only to stand out, but to transform each day into a celebration of life. Let every drop of Maahir make you shine and discover how it feels to live each day to the fullest, with boldness, with glamour, with gold.
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