Malik Al Tayoor Luxury Eau de Parfum - 100ml

Malik Al Tayoor Luxury Eau de Parfum - 100ml

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Embark on a unique sensory experience with Malik Al Tayoor Luxury Eau de Parfum 100ml. This masculine fragrance was created for the modern man who values ​​citrus freshness, the strength of woods, and the character of leather in a single perfume.

The first touch reveals a vibrant top note, a fresh and spicy blend of caraway, sage, bergamot and spices. This bold combination awakens the senses, conjuring images of brilliant sunrises and the promise of a new day filled with possibilities.

As the fragrance develops, the heart notes emerge: a balanced duet of cedarwood and iris. These harmonious and robust chords reflect the essence of a man who is both sophisticated and adventurous, a free spirit with his feet firmly rooted on the ground.

Finally, base notes of leather, patchouli, woods, and a hint of vanilla envelop the fragrance, providing a perfectly balanced finish. This deep, rich base leaves a lasting impression of strength and elegance, an olfactory imprint that is as unforgettable as the man who wears it.

Malik Al Tayoor Luxury Eau de Parfum is a fresh and energetic fragrance, perfect for everyday use. He embodies the essence of a man who lives to the fullest, who defies expectations and who dares to be authentic. The main chords of him - fresh, citrusy, spicy and woody - are the reflection of a personality that is not afraid to make a bold statement.
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