Thuraya Lattafa - 100ml

Thuraya Lattafa - 100ml

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Discover the harmonious blend of scents in Thuraya by Lattafa Perfumes, a feminine fragrance that envelops you in a soft and enchanting embrace. Thuraya is an ode to the contemporary woman, balancing strength and softness with unique grace.

The perfume opens with intense and enveloping top notes of geranium, vanilla, woods and black tea, offering an intriguing introduction rich in contrasts. This first impression awakens the senses and creates an anticipation for what is to come.

At the heart of the fragrance, the delicacy of lavender meets the sophistication of magnolia. This floral duo creates a soft and serene aromatic heart, taking you on a journey through a garden blooming in the light of dawn.

Finally, the base of the fragrance is made up of tea, berries and cardamom, giving depth and warmth to the scent. These base notes are blended to offer an incredible persistence that will accompany you throughout the day.

Thuraya by Lattafa Perfumes is more than a fragrance, it is an expression of femininity and elegance. A perfume that invites you to celebrate your individuality and delight in the beauty of every moment.
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