Al Noble Wazeer Lattafa - 100ml

Al Noble Wazeer Lattafa - 100ml

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Discover the magic of Al Noble Lattafa Wazeer, an eau de parfum that blends the best of fruity, woody, and spicy aromas into a sophisticated olfactory cocktail. Designed in the United Arab Emirates, this unisex perfume embodies modern elegance and timeless passion.

Al Noble Lattafa Wazeer begins its harmonious symphony of scents with top notes of musk, vanilla, amber and guayacán tree. This enveloping opening blend offers a rich and exhilarating introduction to the fragrance, drawing you into its deep aromatic embrace.

At the heart of the fragrance, a combination of caramel, heliotrope and jasmine provides a floral sweetness and enveloping softness that balances and softens the woody and spicy character of the perfume.

The base of the fragrance introduces notes of bergamot, ginger, black pepper and grapefruit, leading to a refreshing and spicy conclusion. These base notes deliver an invigorating freshness and heady mischief that leaves a lasting impression.

Al Noble Lattafa Wazeer is more than a perfume, it is a testament to sophistication and individuality. With its elegantly designed bottle, this perfume becomes an object of desire that not only captivates with its aroma, but also with its presentation. Delight your senses with Al Noble Lattafa Wazeer, a perfume that represents authenticity and audacity.
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