Ana Abiyedh Rouge Lattafa - 60ml

Ana Abiyedh Rouge Lattafa - 60ml

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Reveal your adventurous and refined spirit with Ana Abiyedh Rouge by Lattafa Perfumes. Created for men and women, this woody and spicy fragrance envelops your senses in a symphony of exquisitely balanced olfactory notes, arousing a vibrant impression of intrigue and sophistication.

Ana Abiyedh Rouge opens with an aromatic invitation of Nashi Pear, kumquat and bergamot, forming a fruity and sparkling embrace that captivates you from the first moment. This opening cocktail provides an uplifting and refreshing mix that immediately draws attention.

At the heart of the fragrance, a duo of geranium and caramel infuses a spicy and sweet undertone that balances the freshness of the top notes. This floral and gourmand fusion adds an irresistible depth to the composition, elevating the character and sophistication of the fragrance.

Finally, Ana Abiyedh Rouge concludes with base notes of ambergris, musk, and oakmoss, creating a smooth, earthy finish that clings to the skin. This solid and welcoming base adds a richness and longevity that beautifully rounds out the perfume.

With Ana Abiyedh Rouge by Lattafa Perfumes, every day is a new opportunity to stand out. This woody and spicy fragrance is an ode to effortless elegance, controlled boldness and unmistakable individuality. Make your mark with Ana Abiyedh Rouge, a fragrance as memorable as you are.
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