Fakhar Lattafa Black - 100ml

Fakhar Lattafa Black - 100ml

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Introducing Fakhar Black by Lattafa Perfumes, a masculine fragrance that encapsulates the essence of modern sophistication and bold character. This perfume belongs to the Amber olfactory family, known for its warmth and sensuality.

The fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of apple, bergamot and ginger. These top notes energize the senses and prepare you for the rich olfactory experience that follows.

At the heart, an intriguing trio of lavender, sage, and juniper berries combine with geranium to create a floral, herbaceous aroma that is both lively and comforting. These middle notes balance the fragrance and give it a touch of freshness and depth.

Finally, the fragrance closes with base notes of tonka bean, amberwood, cedar and vetiver. This exquisite woody and earthy background provides a solid base that adds durability and a distinctive touch to the fragrance.

Fakhar Black is a fragrance that speaks of power, presence and personality. It is for the modern man who values ​​tradition but also embraces innovation. Feel unique and bold with Fakhar Black, the fragrance that captures your essence.
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