Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudrée - 60ml

Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudrée - 60ml - Khemsa

Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudrée - 60ml

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Discover the essence of Ana Abiyedh Poudrée, an explosion of emotions that will transport you to an enchanting world! Its top notes of white musk and fabulous nagarmoth come together in harmony, creating a joyful and spontaneous mood that envelops you.

At the heart of this unique fragrance, you will find a dazzling trio of cardamom, vanilla and saffron, forming a delicate and light cloud of aroma that caresses your senses without being invasive. As you enter the base, the captivating wake of guaiac wood and tonka bean envelops you, leaving a seductive trail in your wake.

Ana Abiyedh Poudree is a seductive oriental tale, a tale of passionate love that blossoms under the shade of towering palm trees. Every drop of this high-quality fragrance is like an internal boost, giving you strength and ambition to achieve your most audacious goals.

Prepare to be captivated by its exciting and exquisite trail, which will accompany you throughout the day, leaving an unforgettable mark.
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