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Lattafa Raghba + deodorant

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Give your daily routine a twist with the Raghba perfume and deodorant set from Lattafa Perfumes. This set was designed for those who want to be enveloped in a distinctive and memorable scent, no matter what time of day.

The 100ml Raghba perfume, unisex by nature, opens with the intense and mysterious notes of Oud and Vanilla. This initial combination reveals a meeting between East and West, between the robustness of Oud and the sweetness of Vanilla, creating an exotic and attractive start.

At the heart of the fragrance, we find an intoxicating mix of Musk, Sugar and Incense. This aromatic symphony provides a seductive and sweet touch, while evoking a sense of tranquility and well-being.

And to round off this sensory experience, the base notes of the Sandalwood Tree provide a soft, woody warmth that lingers on the skin, leaving an irresistible and sophisticated trail.

To complement this experience, the set also includes a deodorant in the same fragrance. This product is the perfect ally to stay fresh throughout the day, while enhancing the presence of the Raghba fragrance on your skin.

Discover what it is like to live an olfactory experience like no other, full of luxury and personality, with the Raghba perfume and deodorant set. It's time to leave an indelible mark and become the epicenter of all eyes. With Raghba, the power of attraction is in your hands.
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