Qaed Al Fursan Lattafa - 90ml

Qaed Al Fursan Lattafa - 90ml

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Discover the essence of boldness and sophistication with Qaed Al Fursan by Lattafa Perfumes. An eau de parfum that is for both men and women, this perfume from the aromatic olfactory family dazzles with its richness and complexity, capturing the essence of individuality and elegance in every drop.

Qaed Al Fursan opens with exotic top notes of pineapple and saffron, a fascinating combination that enchants and seduces, inviting you to discover more. This fruity and spicy entry is both intriguing and captivating, setting an alluring and bold tone.

Heart notes of jasmine and balsam fir bring a touch of freshness and sophistication to the fragrance. This floral and resinous core balances and softens the initial character of the perfume, adding depth and dimension.

Finally, Qaed Al Fursan closes with base notes of amber, cedar and oud wood, leaving a lasting impression of mystery and strength. This robust, woody base is decidedly masculine yet still appeals to women, revealing a fragrance that is both powerful and enchanting.

With its elegant 90ml bottle, Qaed Al Fursan by Lattafa Perfumes is a testament to olfactory excellence. It is a perfume for those who dare to stand out, for those who embrace their individuality. Make a bold statement with Qaed Al Fursan, a fragrance that is as unique as you are.
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