Ekhtiari Lattafa - 100ml

Ekhtiari Lattafa - 100ml

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Discover Ekhtiari by Lattafa Perfumes, an exceptional unisex fragrance that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the freedom of choice. Designed for bold men and women, Ekhtiari is a perfume that goes beyond the boundaries of gender and tradition.

Start your olfactory journey with the top notes that blend the juicy sweetness of fruit and the sparkling freshness of mandarin. This invigorating combination awakens the senses and opens the door to a unique fragrant experience.

At the heart of Ekhtiari, jasmine and gardenia come together to create a floral harmony that radiates a feminine and sophisticated allure. These heady middle notes will envelop you with their delicacy and elegance, leading the fragrance onto a more intimate and emotional path.

Finally, the fragrance settles into a warm and comforting base of musk, vanilla and tonka bean. This triad of sensuality brings a rich and long-lasting depth to the fragrance, leaving a trail of mystery and seduction.

Ekhtiari by Lattafa Perfumes is a true jewel of modern perfumery. With its harmonious balance of notes and its unisex character, it represents an invitation to exploration and discovery. Embark on the journey with Ekhtiari and let your free spirit express itself through the universal language of aromas.
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