Al Noble Saffer Lattafa - 100ml

Al Noble Saffer Lattafa - 100ml

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Introducing Al Noble Safeer, an exquisite eau de parfum by Lattafa that captivates men and women alike. This perfume is a treasure trove of spicy and woody aromas, blended with herbal notes to create a fragrance that is both robust and refined.

Safeer Al Noble begins its olfactory story with green and spicy herbal notes that fill the heart of the fragrance, creating a rich and revitalizing experience. This blend of notes brings a dimension of freshness and liveliness that is truly energetic.

The base of the fragrance is grounded in the earth, resonating with chords of tiger nut, labdanum, cumin, patchouli, incense, juniper and guaiac wood. These earthy, resinous, and woody elements provide a deep, long-lasting finish that leaves a memorable trail of elegance and sophistication.

Al Noble Safeer is a fragrance that evokes a sense of mystery and enchantment, with its main accords of woody, aromatic, fresh, spicy, amber, earthy and herbal. Every note and chord comes together to create a scent that is as much a reflection of boldness as it is of sophistication.

The perfume comes in an elegant 100 ml bottle, which reflects the quality and finesse of the fragrance it contains. Let Al Noble Safeer take you on an olfactory journey you won't forget, a perfume that sets you apart from the rest.
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