Lattafa Oud Lail Maleki - 100ml

Lattafa Oud Lail Maleki - 100ml

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Embark on an adventure of mesmerizing scents with Lattafa Oud Lail Maleki, a unisex fragrance that exudes the very essence of oriental majesty. Created in the United Arab Emirates, this perfume combines spicy and oriental notes, offering an unforgettable and exotic sensory experience.

The journey begins with a bold and energetic burst of saffron and pink pepper, contrasted with the sweetness of plum and the coolness of ozone. This initial encounter is as intriguing as it is unexpected, preparing you for the aromatic richness to come.

As the fragrance evolves, a floral bouquet emerges in force. Spicy undertones of clef and geranium mingle with vibrant freesia and alluring jasmine. Lily of the valley and iris root add depth and refinement, creating a heart that is as enveloping as it is elegant.

Finally, the fragrance settles into a deep and seductive base. Smooth sandalwood and vanilla warm balsamic notes and lablanum, while musk adds a sensual touch. The leather provides a unique texture, enriching the fragrance with its bold and distinctive hue.

Oud Lail Maleki is an olfactory jewel, a perfume for those who are not afraid to show their individuality and appreciate the richness and complexity of oriental aromas. Each note intertwines with the next, creating a dance of scents that grabs you and doesn't let go.

Oud Lail Maleki by Lattafa, the aroma of the oriental night. A fragrance that dares to be different. Discover the night Discover Oud Lail Maleki.
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