100% natural Ghassoul Clay Mask

100% natural Ghassoul Clay Mask

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Discover the secret of Moroccan beauty with our Ghassoul, the clay powder that will pamper your skin. Ghassoul literally means “to wash” in Moroccan and that is exactly what this clay does well.

✨ Softness and calm for your skin: This fine Moroccan Ghassoul clay powder has a gentle and calming effect on the skin, filling it with minerals such as silica, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

🧼 Deep cleaning and disinfection: Suitable for all skin types, this clay powder stimulates, disinfects and softens, keeping your tone uniform and fresh.

🌿 Fight acne: Ghassoul is also your ally against acne, thanks to its softening effect that calms problematic skin.

💁‍♀️ Not only for the skin, but also for dry hair! This versatile clay powder can also be your secret to soft, radiant hair.

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